Things I’ve learned in 40 years as a sculptor

By October 13, 2015Press

Happiness is a high ceiling and a low overhead.

How to wash my hands without getting the finger with the Band-Aid wet.

Clay can detach fingernails.

It is possible to be clever without being smart or wise.

If you are not organized, you cannot succeed.

Even if you work fast, you will run out of time.

A fresh eye can be better than a sharp eye.

Digital enlargement saves neither time nor money.

Turn up the studio heat and the clay will respond better.

Plasticine should be stored for use at 120f.

Never give away a work of art.

The purpose of portrait sculpture is flattery.

Just as a bad frame can ruin a painting, a bad setting can ruin a sculpture.

The sculptor nets about 1/3 of the gross.

The smaller the job, the greater the aggravation.

No gallery ever cut a check without being asked. Twice.

Every piece of sculpture bearing your name needs to be the best you can make it.

Each project is an audition for the next project.

Keep looking. There is a better foundry.

You can never have too many clamps or wedges.

Gorilla Glue bonds foam well.

A hydraulic lift cart is essential equipment.

It is better to hire a man than to rent a machine.

You may never find the perfect clay.

It takes about 6 months for a bruised toenail to fall off.

Every project should break your heart just a little.



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